Young millennials don't have the experience or the time to plan trips, but they still want to travel and explore. They also don't have time to travel for too long but they still want to get the most out of their experience.


With such a hectic lifestyle, Plan-It makes it easier to plan trips. All you have to do is fill out as much as you want on the home page, and Plan-It will find a location based on the set preferences and plan the perfect weekend getaway.


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About Hipmunk

Hipmunk is a travel site/app that allows users to book flights, trains, hotels, and vacation rentals through Airbnb. They help you save time and money by comparing top travel sites to show the perfect flight or hotel at the cheapest price.

Target Audience

Plan-It app hopes to bring in 22-30 year old, young millennial travelers who are more open to exploring and being spontaneous, but don’t have the time to plan or research new travel destinations.

The App

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THe Big Idea

People always say they want to travel and see the world, but where do they want to go? Plan-It makes the decision easier for you and chooses a location for you based on your location, and prices of flights when you want to travel. 

Main Screens

The Plan-It app is divided to three main sections: The Weekend Planner, Getting Around, and Tips and Tricks.

THe Weekend Planner


The Weekend Planner focuses on creating the perfect long-weekend getaway. It takes the most popular attractions and hidden gems, and sorts them out into three days based on location and the amount of time it takes.

Other Screens







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