Infor is an enterprise that builds software for specific industries, such as automotive, healthcare, or fashion. They believe in creating software that is industry specific, beautifully designed, uses data sciences, works with the architecture of the internet, and builds networks through a cloud-based platform.

Infor M3 is an industry-specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for the distribution, fashion, chemicals, equipment, or food and beverage industry. The software helps manage a company's supply chains, finance, customer sales and services, and manufacturing operations.



Learning a new software can be difficult and time consuming, and employees aren't always trained properly. Shadowing another employee doesn't cater to every learner, and long manuals aren't good for retaining information.  


M3 Training is a program that works with FIT's Continuing Education to create a blended classroom setting, where young professionals will spend 3 months learning Infor's M3 software program. They will spend 4 days a week on a self-paced online training site, and one day a week participating in a 3 hour class.  


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The M3 Fashion Training website allows students to learn Infor's M3 software program through teacher-led instruction with presentation decks, videos, and quizzes.
They will also have instructional demos, open forums, group hub chats to connect with other students, and rewards in the form of points and badges. 


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Team: Janice Chen & Artisha Kwak

My Role: Researcher, Competitive Analyzer, User Experience Designer, Sketching, Wireframing, and Prototyping