78% of Americans under 50 get their news from Social Media. Social Media, though, isn't always about being truthful. Most of the time, it's about being the first news to reach people, or the biggest, or the most "click-bait-y."


2 Lies 1 Truth, by BBC, is a Facebook Chat Bot game where users will be tested to see how well they know real news from fake news.


Facebook Chat Bot Screens

Users will be able to play the game on their daily commute, receive their scores, and read news articles curated by BBC so they can be prepared for tomorrow's set of questions.


The Results

The results will be posted at the end of the day so users can see where they stack up against everyone else.


2018 D&AD New Bloods Pencil Winner

In Collaboration with Patrick Obando

My Role: Concepting, UX/UI of Facebook Chatbot