There is a cultural disconnect between generations when they come to the United States because they can easily become "Americanized."


With Blue Apron International, you can learn more about other cultures
by learning how to cook traditional dishes from their country.


App Integration

The International Box will have its own section on the Blue Apron app where users will be able to connect with the guest chef who creates the recipes for that month, read their blog posts about their native country and culture, and go through the recipes with step-by-step videos guiding them.



To spread the word for the International Box, we're going to start with print poster ads placed on subways and public spaces. We learn the most from our elders, especially about our own culture, and so the print ad is going to convey the idea of connecting generations through food.


Mini Series Concept

Chef vs. Granny is a mini series, that could be spread throughout social media, showcases elders even more by pitting "Granny," an elder from the country of the month, against a renowned chef. Instead of being full-on competitive, Granny and Chef will give each other tips from their own generations, thus connecting the generations together.


My Role: Concepting, Art Direction, Copywriting